Igorotek Episode #02

Thank you for listening to our show's second episode.  Over the past week, I was actually bothered with what happened at the restaurant where I was helping out.  Some very rude and very obnoxious customers came to the restaurant's kitchen and started pointing to the kitchen staff and yelled "You and you, if you don't finish cooking the food in 5 minutes, I'm going to eat you!"just because their food was not ordered and cooked on time.  Anyway, it was really an appalling and a bothering sight.  Anyway, you can read the whole story from my Biyaheng Pinoy blog.  Click here to read it. 

For this week's episode, we played back to back music from Lolita Carbon, Buklod, Bayang Barrios, and Binky Lampano. We might need to reformat also the music we're playing so you can expect that in the next weeks to come.

Today, we talked about:
  • Podcasting - What is podcasting and how to access free podcasts from the internet.
  • How to back up your photos (Online, hardcopy, and off-site copies).
  • How to surf the internet privately.
  • How to start a blog.
  • Choosing over an Android phone or an iPhone 4S.
  • Show me your gadget:  I talked about my 1-year old Android phone called the Google One or the LG P500.  I talked on-air on how I prefer using an Android phone over an iPhone 4S just because I like to modify my phone and mess around with it.  
I know that very few people have heard of our show but I hope that you guys will spread the word, talk-tech, and share our knowledge to the world.  Thank you guys for listening.